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Saturday, December 11, 2004

"Man, Fowler ... cold."

That was ESPN sports analyst Kirk Herbstreit's reaction to Chris Fowler's out-of-character remark to Daniel Sepulveda at Thursday night's ESPN College Football Awards. Sepulveda, Baylor University's 2004 Ray Guy Award winner for best punter, was the victim of Fowler's zinger as he exited the stage after receiving the award.

Now, anyone who knows much about Division 1A college football knows that Baylor has been the bottom-feeder of the Big XII Conference since its inception in February of 1994. Many fans around the Big XII have been calling for Baylor's "dismissal" from the league for several years, in hopes of replacing the Bears with the likes of Arkansas or LSU (not that either team would stoop to leaving the almighty SEC).

That said, let's give this Sepulveda kid his propers. He's only a sophomore, and was elected captain of his team ... an honor usually held by juniors and seniors. And the fact that he plays for one of the worst teams in the nation but can still win a prestigious award, says a lot.

So, imagine my chagrin when Fowler, the respected host of ESPN's College GameDay, said to Sepulveda "When you're a punter at Baylor, you better be good." The collective hiss from the audience even took Fowler himself aback.

I've sung Fowler's praises on many occasions, especially for the fact that he has always risen above the need to come up with the best catch phrase or one-liner, which has become the M.O. for most ESPN anchors (sweet sassy molassy)!!

But this was one instance when Fowler disappointed me. He just couldn't bite his tongue. And there was so much other easy material he could have used -- especially since Mack Brown was in the room.

"Man, LilRed ... now that's cold."


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