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Monday, December 20, 2004

What is wrong with people? - #2

Sometimes people just crack me up. Don't get me wrong ... I say a lot of dumb things that I wish I could take back every day. But that doesn't stop me from berating other people for the stupid things they say.

A couple of weeks ago I was updating my Christmas card list. I asked a woman I work with to put her name and address on the list I was compiling.

LilRed: Hey, Vicki. Put your name and address on this list, please.

Vicki: What's the list for?

LilRed: I'm updating my Christmas card list.

Vicki: OK, I'll put my name on the list. But just so you know, I probably won't reciprocate by sending you a Christmas card.

Unbelievable. Here is a perfect example of a person not knowing when to shut up. Just put your name on the stupid list and be done with it. I have enough confidence in myself that I don't need the obligatory "reciprocal" Christmas card.

Oh, and thanks for sucking the life out of the very meaning of the holiday that is Christmas.

Happy friggin' holidays.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok - here's one for you on a different Christmas subject. Family calling a couple weeks before Christmas to say "Let's not exchange gifts this year." The problem --- some of us get our shopping done a little earlier than that! Great idea, don't get me wrong, I can always use the extra cash, but hells bells give me a little more warning. I still agreed that was fine - but I'd already bought and they were getting it. Just to add to this, the same family member complained to me about all the other 4 pages of people they have to buy for... I must have been really low on the list to get marked off a 4 page list - which still included the person's ex-husbands sister. Merry Christmas to you too! -Rbky

10:44 AM  
Blogger LilRed said...

Thanks for sharing! I was tempted to remove this post last night...I started to think that maybe it was little too mean. But then I thought, well, sometimes I am mean. So it's nice to have someone chime in with their Christmas horror stories.

On a different note, "hells bells" is a great phrase. Not only does it tickle me to say it, but to see it written in your comment gave me quite a chuckle. I will definitely have to work in a few more "hells bells" whenever appropriate.

Thanks again!

3:37 PM  

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