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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

God Bless "America"

Jon Stewart's America (The Book) will grace the shelves of Mississippi libraries after all.

After receiving quite an outcry from the "outside community" regarding the embargo of the book just yesterday, a couple of Mississippi county library boards met to consider lifting the ban.

What's the big whoop, anyway? As the Moderate Voice so eloquently noted (thanks to Chase for leading me to the post):

A lot of this objection is due to the fact that the Supreme Court justices are public officials and the suggest is that it is somehow unpatriotic to hold them up to even doctored photo ridicule. I submit that elected officials deserve to be targets of satire. Bravo to Stewart, Mad Magazine, the Mad Show, Saturday Night Live, The Capital Steps, Rush Limbaugh's satirists, Al Franken's satirsts, Don Imus' satire, and Mark Russell. Whomoever has the guts and wit to puncture the they-are-above-us-because-they-are-the-elite images deserves our applause...whether it's a satirist on the right or on the left.

I couldn't agree more.

Heck, Larry Flynt's made a living of it (among other things).


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