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Friday, January 21, 2005

Working girl

I have worked since I was 16 years old. I'm a firm believer in starting in the work force when you are younger to get a sense of what it's like to earn money and become financially responsible.

I am now working in a professional position, for a great company, for a wonderful boss. But I believe there are three occupations that EVERYONE should have to serve before moving into their "careers." I've done all three:

1) Work in a day care - Trust me. Your children are evil when you're not around.

The day care center was my first job. You wouldn't believe the things that kids pull. I actually had an eight year old tell me once, "You can't touch me. My mom would sue you in a heartbeat." Unbelievable. And it's not that I wanted to physically hurt these children. It's just not a good situation when the child has the upper hand.

2) Wait tables - It's an art form that people who have never done it don't understand. You either have the gift of multi-tasking or you don't. I did, and it was fun ... for a while.

I became a waitress in college. Let me just break it down, folks. Waiters do not make minimum wage. When I waited tables, I made $2.01 per hour (I'm sure its more now). So their tips are their livelihood. And they don't get to keep all of that cash. At the end of the shift, a percentage of the money they make gets passed off to the host, bar and bus staff. So, don't ask the piper to play if you can't pay.

3) Work retail - Maybe some of you wouldn't be so rude to retail workers if you experienced it from their side.

A couple of times during my adult life I have worked a retail job aside from my "day job." I do it because I like to be self-sufficient and have the extra cash (and the store's discounts are a nice bonus). But I am always amazed at how people's (mainly women's) attitudes change once they find out I have a "real job." It's like suddenly I'm not just a lowly retail worker. Granted, there are some losers in retail. But there are some folks that are great at it and take pride in their jobs.

And by the way - retail workers are not there to take your crap or to clean up after you. They are there to help you. Treat them with respect (unless their customer service skills are just heinous, like at your neighborhood WalMart).

Then I say, let 'em have it.


Blogger La Chat Noir said...

So true. M1 always talks about how glad he was to have worked at MacDonalds as a teen ... he never treats fast food employees as if they were scum of the earth, cause he hated when others looked at him that way...

12:27 PM  
Blogger Lexagirl said...

I worked retail jobs while I was in university - the worst was when I worked in a Bridal store. Dear lord, I have never met so many crazy stressed out emotional women - it was awful. I am pretty sure that if there is a hell it is one big bridal shop.

5:05 PM  
Blogger Chevy Rose said...

Wal-mart? OMG! My statement about Wal-mart SuperStores is, "If you see me going in one, look behind me to see who's holding the gun to my head." I shop only shops I can park near the front and run in, buy what I need and run back out. Going to Wal-mart is as bad as the malls. By the Bye, my first job was as a car-hop at the local A&W root beer drive-in. The only heel blisters I ever had, and those huge glass mugs weighed a ton when you had five or six on a tray. It sure taught me the value of education.

10:45 PM  

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