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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Between a Rock and a hard place

I love the Oscars. I have since I was a young girl. And I've loved most of the hosts. From Bob Hope to Johnny Carson, Steve Martin to Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg to David Letterman ... they've all had something great to offer.

And who could forget the 1987 triad of Goldie Hawn, Paul Hogan and Chevy Chase as the hosts with the most? OK, OK. I got a little carried away with that group.

But back to my original point. It's not that I don't think Chris Rock is funny. It's just that he's predictable.

Without fail, Chris Rock always plays the race card. Always has to mention that he's one of the only black guys in attendance at whatever function he's attending.

Don't get me wrong ... he's right. And that's a shame.

But it's time to come up with new material, Chris. You're talented.

So much so that you shouldn't have to rely on the color of your skin to get a laugh.


Blogger Amanda said...

I thought he was very subdued and to tell the truth, I was grateful he didn't go off about something. Yes, he was predictable.

My favorite host is always Steve Martin. I just really like him.

I was super tired but made it through the entire telecast - the whole thing was so predictable, no awards were a surprise. I felt kind of bad that Scorsese didn't get best director but I haven't seen the Aviator to judge whether he deserved it this year. Hopefully someday the man will get his due.

12:22 PM  
Blogger Justin24601 said...

Rock was ok... but I was pissed that he was riding cutie Jude Law so hard. Damn, give the boy a break.

About the Aviator, it simply was NOT the best picture, so it got what it deserved.... but oh that Cate Blanchett, I was so happy she won.

1:28 PM  

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