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Saturday, July 30, 2005

You tell me - #7

So I'm sure you've seen the trailers for The 40 Year Old Virgin.

Now, even though 40 seems WAY late to be puttin' out, it got me thinking about my more virtuous days.

Which leads me to the question we all want answered:

How old were you when you, to quote Monica Geller, "gave your flower" to that someone special (or not-so-special in most cases)?

And as always, you can comment as Anonymous if the embarrassment is too much to bear.

Or shall I say, bare?

Oh, and for anyone who cares - I was 20.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was 15.

5:31 PM  
Blogger ticharu said...

I was 18 and it became known that I was a virgin so a contest was begun by the girls of easy virtue in my school. I married the winner where-in lies another tale for another day.

6:53 PM  
Blogger Brit said...

16. On Thanksgiving Day, no less.

7:43 PM  
Blogger Brian said...

16 and at church camp!

10:08 PM  
Blogger Justin24601 said...

3/11/04, a date that will live in infamy, was when the real deal happened. Soooo... 22.

8:10 AM  
Blogger Dr. Pants said...

The ripe old age of 18, in my childhood bedroom while my parents were at church.

That girl was a sluuuuuuuut, which is to say, she totally broke my heart about 6 months later.

8:30 AM  
Blogger The Grish said...


I'm not sure if that means that I'm winning (thus far) or losing.

12:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


12:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am ashamed to say...15...and totally hated it...regret that to this day

1:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


8:03 PM  
Blogger CGHill said...

Twenty-three, and I'm surprised it was that soon.

9:14 PM  
Anonymous Mystic said...

I was 16. He was my first real boyfriend, and I suppose my first love. He was gentle, I was lucky. I have no regrets.


11:36 PM  
Blogger Shawna said...

I was actually kinda old, compared to most of the other girls I knew, when I lost my virginity at 15. Now I know I was way too young... like they say hindsight and 20/20 and all that good crap.

2:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Nice guy. Fond memories.

8:36 AM  
Blogger Redhead Gal said...

16. Very fond memories. We dated for 6 years but then I stupidly dumped him, feeling I was too young to be tied down. Turns out he was the love of my life. Sigh...

8:42 AM  
Blogger still life said...

i got nervous and had to check brian's picture...
i was 16 and was at church camp as well

12:12 PM  
Anonymous Not Jessica Simpson said...

20 ... and with another virgin that eventually became my first husband.

What a loser he was.

1:40 PM  
Anonymous eric said...

13 but i didn't figure it out till i was 14. and they say porn isn't good for anything.

2:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

13 to a guy that was 20. I was drunk and very, very, very stupid.

3:44 PM  

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