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Friday, September 02, 2005

LilRed's college football game o' the week - #1

Well, the college football season has officially begun.

Steve Spurrier is back. USC is #1 again. And the BCS is screwed up as ever.

But I digress.

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the football pick 'em that I like to call: LilRed's college football game o' the week.

Not a catchy title, I know. But it's the best I could come up with after a long, taxing week.

This week's matchup is:

Colorado State at Colorado

Here's Gary Barnett's chance to show that his team is not just a band of jailbird wannabes. Let's face it. Colorado didn't come out too shabbily last year, even after all the drama. They ended up winning the Big 12 North division ... only to get their asses kicked by the Sooners in the championship game. But no one thought they would even get that far.

Then we have the Rams of Colorado State. Unfortunately, I just don't think they're going to beat Colorado tomorrow. First of all, their uniforms are green. Green just doesn't say football powerhouse to me.

Plus, I think a buffalo could kick a ram's ass. But I could be wrong.

Ha! The last time I used "ram" and "ass" in the same sentence ... well, you get the point.

My prediction:
Colorado 28
Colorado State 14

Probably won't be a barnburner, but we'll see.


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