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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Movin' Out: a review, if you will

I just saw the Civic Center production of Billy Joel and Twyla Tharp's "Movin' Out."

The entire production, set to the songs of Billy Joel, was quite entertaining ... and with no cheesy dialogue.

The choreography fit the story very well, and was not afraid to be (when important to the story) sexually explicit in nature. When we are taken with one of the lead characters through the seedy underworld that is stereotypical of New York City, the costumes and dance suited the scene to a tee (how often do you see a stage production in which a guy dressed in S & M gear is choreographed to hump a bunch of women dressed as strippers?).

But all of that aside, it was a remarkable production ... with some of the most engaging choreography I've seen in a while.

And this time around, there were no prop malfunctions.

I kept thinking to myself that it sure would be nice if the issues of our lives could be solved with a mere dance.

Falling in love would be a whole lot easier, because you wouldn't have to worry about saying a bunch of stupid stuff.

Losing a loved one would be a lot less painful, because hey, you can dance like hell, then the sorrow is gone!

And as shown in this production, you can fight in the Vietnam War (and lose a close friend in the process), come home, get hooked on drugs in the pit of New York City, take on the endless search for love, get your life back on track ... only to come out smelling like a proverbial rose in a two-hour time span!

If only it was that simple.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

DANG LS! You went Chick on me! HURL!

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