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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Thy rot and thy staph - they disgust me

The prognosis is in.

It turns out I have folliculitis.

Which is medical speak for pus-filled, festering sores. Needless to say, I crapped my pants a little when I first saw it right along my forehead hairline.

At least it is on my scalp. Which will be especially nice when it starts scarring and all of my hair falls out.

OK, OK. I am exaggerating.

My doctor has given me antibiotics, and I am already much better.

But I would like to give readers a word of caution. Apparently the same infection on my scalp is pretty common for people of all places ...

... their buttocks.

I can tell you that my one, little, nickel-sized infection was gross enough on my head.

But I say a big fat "no thanks" to having anything like that on my ass.


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