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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Desperate for better episodes

Is it just me, or is Desperate Housewives just not as good this season?

I mean, usually it takes a couple of years for a blockbuster TV show to hit a slump.

But I'm just not feeling it with the gals from Wisteria Lane this season.

Nip/Tuck, anyone?


Blogger Kim said...

isn't that called the Teri Hatcher curse?

7:24 AM  
Anonymous MorningGlory said...

Now, you're talking! I'm right there with you on Nip/Tuck. But whatever happened to that 'Carver' storyline and that Ava/Matt thing? Isn't Sweeps Month supposed to make you more inclined to watch or did they miss that memo?

8:16 AM  
Blogger nicole said...

OMG...Desperate Housewives sucks so bad this season that I've just stopped TiVo'ing it. And if CSI: keeps up with this cinematic tour de force malarkey, it's going the way of the dinosaur, too.

8:58 PM  

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