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Sunday, November 06, 2005

I've got a bone to pick

To the University of Oklahoma,

As an alumna and multi-sport season ticket holder, I applaud your efforts to maintain the rich tradition that often makes collegiate sporting events so exciting year after year.

Therefore, it is with much chagrin that I must flog you for the flagrant disregard for tradition at this season's first men's basketball game.

What the hell have you done with Top Dawg?

When the Sooner football season opened a couple of months ago, fans witnessed a new era at Owen Field: the Boomer and Sooner mascots (no, not the actual horses cared for by the illustrious RufNeks, but the new "interactive" equines who roam the sidelines looking, well, a little out of place).

My first thought was, "I wonder if this means they'll get rid of Top Dawg at the basketball games?"

OK, actually, that was my second thought. My first thought was, "Why do we need these guys? We've got the real horses who are not only cooler, but aren't sporting mullets."

Well, my fears were realized when, at the first men's basketball game, Boomer came kickin' it out onto the floor. Top Dawg was nowhere to be found.

Now, some people may not get what the big deal is with Top Dawg. After all, why would a dog be used as a Sooner icon?

Top Dawg, or as I like to call him, TD, represents the spirit of Mex, the original University of Oklahoma mascot in the late teens and twenties. A fan favorite, TD has been very much a part of Sooner basketball tradition for many years.

So why give him his walking papers without so much as a goodbye?

Wouldn't it have been nice to have given fans the chance to get one more season with the ear-tugging, lovable mutt?

I'm not saying that Boomer and Sooner have to go. Unlike a lot of fans, I do think they're kinda cute, even if they do look a little mullety.

But getting rid of Top Dawg was just wrong. I noticed on the SoonerSports website that you don't even metion him as part of the mascot tradition. What gives?

Just give us a chance to pay our respects to the end of a time-honored tradition; that's all I ask.

TD deserves it.


Blogger Okiedoke said...

Are you sure Top Dawg isn't just sitting out the exposition games? If he is indeed gone, I will have to make a stink about it.

5:22 PM  
Anonymous Brandi Copeland ("JJ the Jaguar") said...

I know Top Dawg and have met him personally outside of charatcer a few times. He was a judge when I tried out for mascot at Westmoore HS. (Yeah, I'm JJ.) He actually owns his own mascot business now (under a different mascot name that I can't remember.) He just didn't want to be Top Dawg any more. I was sad to see him go. But OU decided to bring in the other two so that they wouldn't be the only Big 12 Univ without a mascot.

5:15 PM  

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