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Friday, December 02, 2005


The world's first face transplant is complete.

As a person who has had the pleasure of meeting numerous organ transplant patients, I commend these doctors, and I wish the patient much luck in her road to recovery.

I am bothered by the people who have ethical concerns about this case.

This is not an instance of vanity ... this woman was actually having trouble eating and drinking. Her jaw tissues were dying, and according to physician interviewed on CBS News, tooth loss was quite possible.

Let's give this woman a break.

And hope that her transplant turns out better than the one on Nip/Tuck.


Blogger nicole said...

There was a program on the Discovery Channel about a potential face transplant some time last year. It was all hypothetical at the time so the surgeons hadn't yet committed themselves to performing the procedure.

Glad to see someone has actually taken the step forward in an effort to benefit someone TRULY in need.

2:37 PM  

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