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Monday, December 26, 2005

The post-Christmas blues

This time of year always makes me kinda sad.

Christmas has come and gone ... people start slowly taking down their lights ... out of town friends and family who you rarely get to see start heading back home ... and all of that awesome holiday food is gone!

The thing that makes me saddest?

Driving by the Christmas tree lots the day after Christmas to see the trees that didn't get picked.

Call me corny, but I just can't stand it.

I've even gotten to the point where I intentionally avoid the areas in which I know the lots reside.

There's just something so melancholy about knowing those trees didn't get to fulfill their Christmas destiny.

Or maybe I'm just insane.


Blogger Helen said...

I would definitely ditto that sentiment. The poor little guys were cut down for naught. It IS depressing.

3:53 PM  
Blogger The Scarlett said...

I avoid going by a tree lot like the plague. Heck, I even hate seeing a tree by the curb the day after Christmas (one of my neighbors is that kind of person).

3:56 PM  
Blogger Lady Godiva said...

Yes, you are totally insane! But that's one of the things we like about you.

9:02 PM  
Blogger nicole said...

It's funny, we just drove by a tree lot the other day and it's hard to imagine that they could have SOLD many trees, they had so many left.

I'm definitely not a fan of the live Christmas tree. :(

9:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The trees are probably all dried up and dead by now. Probably headed for the pine chipper. If not for our current burn ban, why not light 'em up? Let those little conifers end their days in a blaze of glory. ;-)
- Pyro

9:13 AM  

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