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Friday, December 16, 2005

Randal Trumps Rebecca - in more ways than one

It seems a lot of folks are up in arms about Randal's statement to Donald Trump that he should not hire both finalists on the season finale of The Apprentice, but should rather stick with his original choice to only hire Randal.

And I can't for the life of me see why people are so upset by this.

The show's premise is for the candidates to work like dogs for umpteen weeks in order to be the last one standing at the end - to become Donald Trump's apprentice.

Admittedly, Randal was my fave from the beginning. He was sharp, even-tempered, earned the respect of the entire set of candidates, and won every task in which he was the project manager. Plus, he has the education and job experience to back up his performance.

That said, I found that Rebecca was quite outstanding as well. Articulate, loyal, with a "never let 'em see you sweat" demeanor, Rebecca would have been a great choice for Mr. Trump. Unfortunately, she did not fare as well when it came to being project manager, and I think her age (a ripe, young 23) worked against her.

So, back to my original point.

Mr. Trump hired Randal.

And immediately upon doing so, he told Randal how much he respected him and his opinion. Then he asked Randal if he should hire Rebecca also.

I have to admit. If I were Randal, I would have been pissed.

He worked hard, kicked ass, and in the end, was going to possibly have to share all of the rewards with the runner up? I say huh-uh.

And I don't think he was being selfish. I think he was being honest.

I truly believe that most people would have wearily responded, "Uh, sure. Go ahead and hire Rebecca. She would be a great addition to the Trump organization."

And you know what? They'd be absolutely correct.

But I give Randal major points for having the cahones to stand up for what he believed in. Truth be told, Rebecca may not have made it as far as she did if it hadn't been for Randal.

And let's face it. Rebecca won't be hurting for long. A world of opportunities will surely open for her following her stint on the show.

So I say, congratulations, Randal. You earned the job.

And thanks for your honesty, however brutal.

After all, you said it best.

The show is called "The Apprentice," not "The Apprenti."


Blogger The Scarlett said...

I watched it all. I couldn't believe that Trump asked Randal about Rebecca. I agree that Randal was being honest. But here is what I would have answered if I was Randal:

Sir, you have just hired me as The Apprentice. There can only be one Apprentice at the end of this show. However, I believe that Rebecca has fine qualities which makes this win even sweeter. I, therefore, would like to hire Rebecca as my Apprentice.

But that's just me.

I respect his choice.

2:43 PM  
Anonymous MorningGlory said...

BTW, I heard that Yahoo recently hired Rebecca. So, I'm not too concerned about her filing for unemployment benefits in the near future.

4:40 PM  
Blogger Ceres said...

It is hard hearing brutal honesty from someone who is so nice. It would have made more sense if it came from someone like Omarosa.

Don't you think Rebecca looks like Laura Bush?

8:02 PM  

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