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Monday, March 27, 2006

The weekly three - week 1

Here's something new I'd like to try: the weekly three.

The only rule is that you have to elaborate if you answer ... even if the question could be answered with a simple yes or no. The key here is for us all to get to know each other a little better.

Here we go ...

1 - In which type of dwelling do you reside: house? apartment? condo?
2 - What was you first car?
3 - Do you have a pet?

Don't worry. This is a new thing to Lip Schtick. The questions won't always be this lame ... in fact, I hope to eventually get kinda personal.

But for now ... baby steps.


Anonymous mick said...

1. downtown apartment dweller while building a new house
2. 1968 VW beetle - beige
3. yes, and she weighs almost six pounds
query - is this game all about you asking but not answering for our edification?...

8:42 AM  
Anonymous Bug said...

1. House
2. 1993 Dodge Shadow- Cherry Red
3 Yup, two Umbrella Cockatoo and one Blue Fronted Amazon.

9:07 AM  
Anonymous The Incurable Insomniac said...

1. House
2. Subaru 1970 Minivan
3. Yes, a Betta fish named "Jet"

9:56 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

1. Duplex. Trying to decide if we want to buy a house. He says yes, I say no. I like not having to pay for stuff when it breaks.
2. A Mercury... something. Looked just like a Ford tempo.
3. A 10 year old Shar Pei. She runs the house.

10:40 AM  
Anonymous nicole said...

Drat, you're making me THINK here! Was this your idea, Red? ;)

1- I live in a rented townhouse. One that I'd like to own eventually but we'll keep our fingers crossed.

2- I still have it. It's a 2002 Toyota Rav 4.

3- Not that you really need an answer but yes, I have two cats. Milla the Diva and Stella the Crackhead.

6:18 PM  
Blogger CGHill said...

(1) Bought a house in '03.

(2) 1966 Chevy Nova.

(3) Nope.

7:02 PM  
Blogger LilRed said...

Mick - I love the Aberdeen apartments downtown. But the lofts look pretty cool, too. Beige Bug, eh? A close friend of mine in high school had a pink one! Loved it! And what kind of pet is this that weighs six pounds?

Bug - Do you have pics on your blog of the birds? I must see!

Steph - That van is friggin' awesome! Do you still have it? Ha!

Jennifer - I said the same thing before I bought my house ... but it was the best investment I ever made. You must have had the Mercury Topaz (I know this because it was the equivalent to the Tempo ... and a Tempo was my second car)! And the name of the Shar Pei is ... ?

Nicole - Heck yeah, it was my idea! Well, actually, some other blogger out there probably thought of it first ... you know nothing is original anymore! So is Milla pronounced Mil-la or Mee-ya?

CG Hill - A Chevy Nova?! My first boyfriend in high school had a Chevy Nova! Ahhh ... the memories!

9:44 PM  
Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Hi There...I wanted you to know i FINALLY did the Ideal Partner Meme you tagged me for such a long time ago! Sorry it took so darn long..

Okay. To answer your questions.
1.-I live in a house that hangs over a hill!
2.-My first car was a light green Chevy Convertible!
3.-Yes, I do have a pet and he is a beautiful white cat named Sweetie. And he has his own blog:

4:02 AM  
Blogger EKWisdom said...

1. I rent a house with 3 other people and am moving to my own apartment in May! WAHOO!
2. Baby blue, 4 door, hatchback, Year unknown, Chevy Citation. It didn't run, yet my dad bought it and said it would be my first car. Eek. First car I actually drove, '92 Honda Accord. First car I bough myself, '00 Toyota Corolla. First car I loved beyond words, '04 Ford Escape. :)
3. I have two cats that now live with my mom (India & Jazz) and two squishy faced kittens that live with me (Fuji & Kodak). Coupled with my roommates, we have 6 animals. My two cats, two dogs (Hailey & Oakley) and two frogs (Franklin & Ferris).

8:28 AM  
Anonymous mick said...

Montgomery, yorkie, but no answers from you?...

8:57 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Yep, Topaz, thats it! Why couldn't I remember that? 34 is too young to be losing your memory, right? It was a great car til it caught on fire on the street in front of my friend Amy's house. Oh, and Yoshi is the Shar Pei's name.

11:02 AM  
Anonymous Bug said...

I've got a picutre of Candy up (the cockatoo) on the About link on the sidebar under Navigate. Someday I'll get a pic of Joe (the amazon) up there...I'm just lazy and he's mean *chuckle*

11:13 AM  
Blogger Jessi said...

1. An apartment. More specifically, an apartment in a building built in the 1920s in which residents cannot control their own heat and get their quarters eaten by the dryers in the laundry room at least twice a month. But. It has a good amount of space, a pretty courtyard view, and its on the first floor, which means less distance to schlep groceries.

2. A red, 1983 Camero. The thing was a great hulking beast. I bought two of them from a kid down the street for $250. One ran just fine, but looked terrible. The other one was pretty, but had no engine. My Dad, the Backyard Mechanic, mixed and matched the two until they were decent.

3. I have a wonderful cat names Bella. She feels like a bunny, loves her tummy rubbed, and is absolutely precious.

1:20 PM  
Anonymous Brett said...

1. A house
2. 1968 Chevy Impala, known as "La Bomba," which my friend Donnie said was a good way to judge a lady's character: "Man, if we pick up chicks in this heap, we know they're liking us and not the wheels."
3. An 18-year-old cat named Memphis Slim, named for the blues musician whose obituary I read in Rolling Stone the day I picked her up at the shelter.

5:58 PM  
Anonymous The Chad said...

1. A one bedroom apartment in Oregon.
2. a blue 1981 Chevy Impala that got totalled.
3. Two dogs: Kaeo, 2.5 years old german shephard-pitbull, and Fezgig, an 11 week old chihuahua.

9:31 PM  
Blogger Lady Godiva said...

1. a house although at the moment I'm trying to sell it and feel homeless since I have to keep the place so clean and everything I really need is in the trunk of my car... camera and jewelry. And I'm moving to the suburbs, but seriously considering that my next move will be to an apartment downtown (I hear there are plans for one with a pool on the roof)
2. 1962 Ford Falcon Futura... cherry red with a black vinyl top and lovely red leather bucket seats. It was used but in mint condition and the monthly payment was something like $35/month... and NO, I'm not that old!
3. Watson a Himalayan and Charlie an absolutely crazy Siamese mix.

10:52 PM  
Blogger Aurura said...

Duplex. White Honda LX-i Hatchback. No pets.

12:15 AM  
Anonymous nicole said...

Red, you are SO gonna love me...


Cuz you've been TAGGED!!!

Oh happy day!

9:11 AM  
Anonymous Kerry said...

1. A house but i'm trying to sell it so we can buy something larger (with 2 bathrooms!).
2. 1981 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. Man i loved that car! Lots of fun times in that thing. I had to drive with the windows down at the end because the gas fumes would get to ya ;)
3. Nope. Not by choice. The cat, Enchilada won't go away.

12:42 PM  
Anonymous Ville said...

Own our home. 1974 brick single story

My first car was an avocado green 1969 Cadillac that my gramma gave me for my 20th birthday.

I have 2 cats. Cosmo a 10 year old black medium hair and Figaro, an almost year old Brown Tabby/ Main Coon mix.

4:13 PM  
Blogger CISSY said...

A house. A rambling ranch built in the 1950s that we are slowly updating.

Hmmm. My OWN first car? Well, my dad owned it, but used to call a 1958 Chevy mine and my sister's car. I guess more hers since she was older and really could drive it. When I got married, my new (now - ex) husband had a 1972 Dodge Charger that I managed to total within a few months. And the first car I bought on my own, in my name was a 1974 Ford Mustang.

One cat. My pet by default. Daughter conned dad into it. She grew up left. Now it's our cat. Long-haired Calico, female, though spayed. Named "Bob Ziggy Marley" or Marley for short.

5:03 PM  
Blogger CISSY said...

Hey, Lil Red what about YOUR answers?

5:08 PM  
Blogger T said...

1) I live in a house. Built in 1997--in the past year have painted the entire house, put in new carpet and we are now in the process of updating all the appliances with stainless steel.

2) My first car was a 1979 Chevy shortbed pickup truck--a diesel with smokestacks and a rollbar!

3) We have a very fat cat named Martha Stewart.

4:09 PM  
Blogger LilRed said...

oldold lady of the hills - Hey! Thanks for stopping by! Always glad to hear from a fellow cat lover!

EK - Will this be the first time you have lived alone? You will love it! Six animals? Dang! I have to tell you - frogs make me soil myself. In other words ... they scare the crap outta me!

Mick - Name of the yorkie, please?

Jennifer - No, 34 is not too old to forget things (at least that's what I tell myself every time I make a list of things to do so that I don't forget what it is that I am supposed to do). Yoshi?! Great name for a Shar-pei!

Bug - Candy is beautiful (even though, like frogs, I am a little afraid of birds)!

Jessi - Ahhh, long ago were the days when a kid could buy two cars (even though they were beaters) for a mere pittance of $250. You can't buy a wiper blade for $250 now. Does Bella need a date? Because I'm sure my cat
would oblige.

Brett - Hilarious! Your friend Donnie may have been on to soemthing! Memphis Slim is 18?! Is she still in good health?

the chad - I think you may be my first commenter from Oregon! Cool! And although I love dogs, I think yours would probably scare the crap outta me. Are they scary?

Lady Godiva - What in the hell do we have to do to get car payments back to only $35 a month?????

aurura - Welcome! Come back soon!

Nicole - Yay! You know I loves me some taggage!

Kerry - Holy crap! I can hear Night Ranger's "Sister Christian" blaring from your Cutlass!

Ville - Oh dear Lord. I would love to have an avocado green Cadillac now! FUN!

Cissy - So was the husband pissed when you totaled the Charger?

Todd - Martha Stewart (the cat, that is) is a bad ass! And somehow I cannot see you kickin' it in the Chevy truck with rollbar ... much less smokestacks!

9:21 PM  
Anonymous Brett said...

Yeah, Donnie could say that 'cause he had a sweet '76 Monte Carlo jacked up in the back with great wheels, a real sound system and paint that was all one color.
The cat is in frighteningly good health. I suspect she's stealing my life force while I sleep.

10:33 PM  
Blogger Jan said...

Sorry I'm so late answering, but I love to play these little games, so here are my answers:

1) A big old house. Lived here 8 years and just now changing the wallpaper in the bedroom.

2) 1968 Red-orange Volkswagen SuperBeetle with no radio.

3) 4 cats (Pumpkin, Lynx, Ella & Honduras), 2 Bettas, 4 Tetra, 2 Mollies (Blacky & Spott), 2 Guppies (Little P & Little Dandylion) and one Apple Snail.

11:59 PM  
Anonymous mick said...

i'll concede without prejudice on guppies, but no way are snails pets....

8:12 AM  

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