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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

64 dream teams

You know I love the March Madness. But now that it's over ... I am ready to move on. But not before I give you my list of

Top Ten Things I Enjoyed Most About the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament

10 - The George Mason Cinderella story
9 - Having something to do for three weekends in a row
8 - The upsets
7 - Watching the UConn players and their crappy attitudes lose to Cinderella
6 - The tournament montages (Admit it! Everybody loves a good montage!)
5 - The fact that Dick Vitale is not a CBS commentator (sorry, folks ... the guy's voice drives me insane)
4 - Villanova head coach Jay Wright - Yum!
3 - Seeing all the #1 seeds miss the Final Four
2 - The fact that Texas didn't win it all
1 - The best line from a commercial ever (via Sonic, of course): "Rejected! Don't you bring that weak tot action!"


Anonymous Brett said...

I am in resoundingly complete agreement with #5, and my only quibble is that I would make it Nos. 1-10,

7:56 PM  
Anonymous nicole said...

I wish I could follow this stuff with you, Red. I really do. But hey, I'll comment anyway! ;)

11:10 PM  
Anonymous nicole said...

Well of course I know about the George Mason situation since that's ALL they talked about down here. But other than that, no.

11:12 PM  
Blogger barrett 'n megan said...

god yes,the UConn loss was a beautiful thing.
But in the game before that, I really liked being able to cheer for the huskies and remain incognito, since both teams were in fact huskies.


11:51 PM  

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