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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl XLI

It seems it's a foregone conclusion that Peyton Manning will win Super Bowl XLI tomorrow.

Notice I said Peyton Manning, not the Indianapolis Colts.

Every time I hear a discussion about the Super Bowl, the talk usually centers around the fact that Chicago Bears quarterback Rex Grossman sucks in comparison to Manning.

This may be true.

Let's face it.

Manning has gotten the Colts through some tough games, only never to have won the big game.

But it takes a team to get to the big one. I understand that the quarterback is seen by most as the most important person on the team.

This may also be true.

But let's keep in mind that if the receiver doesn't catch the quarterback pass, the pass is useless.
If the offensive line doesn't block well enough to give a quarterback more time to make a great decision, then the decision he does make can sometimes be the wrong one.

And if the defense doesn't do it's job in keeping the opposing team's point total to a minimum, then the quarterback can often be in a position to have to play catch up.

Which I guess is why all of the talk focuses on Peyton Manning. And what makes him great.

The "king of the comebacks," he has shown that he can step up during the most harrowing of games.

No easy feat in the NFL.

So, I guess I have just folded and have to lean to the Indianapolis Colts to win the Super Bowl.

But I'm not putting money on it.


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